"Dressage is a journey.
Everyday, in every ride
and every lesson,
I'm excited to see
how far we can go." ~ Karen Moore

Training & Instruction

Karen Moore, USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist, has been riding since 1968.  The love affair began with a pony called Romeo.  She rode hunters/jumpers in the 1970’s, Arabs and Quarter horses for about 20 years and in 1988 she discovered a passion for Dressage.

Although dressage is challenging, good solid basics make the upper level work seem simple and elegant.  I  love the learning process.  I love discovering how far we can go with each horse and rider partnership. I’ve schooled with many talented people including Leslie Reid, Barbara Koot, Jeremy Steinberg, Debbie McDonald, Jan Ebling, Henk Glijn and Sue Blinks. I enjoy riding in clinics, for pleasure and competition.

I love to teach. Most of my students have had some experience with horses or dressage. Some of them come to me feeling frustrated or stuck. Clarifying the basic concepts of dressage is essential to progress. My students become independent and confident. I encourage them to audit and/or ride in clinics that I recommend.  We compete at both schooling shows and recognized USDF competitions. One should always ride for their own pleasure, whether they compete or not. Dressage is good for all types of horses and riders.”

Valenti Horsemanship – A unique blend of dressage and natural horsemanship since 2003.
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