Gerry Cox – Horsemanship Clinic August 11-12, 2018

Everyday we are training our horses, teaching them what is and is not acceptable.  If you want better control and confidence handling and riding your horse, this clinic is for you.  Gerry Cox has been teaching these simple, clear and gentle horsemanship methods for decades from his home, Mountain House Stables in Colville, WA.  He has authored many helpful “How To” articles for NW Horse Source Magazine.  You might also remember him as a judge or successful competitor in one of many National Colt Starting Championships or Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenges.  He has started over 500 colts in his career.

Horse and Rider combinations from any discipline, from beginners to experts are welcome.  To reserve your space for the Gerry Cox clinic contact Lynn Meyers Burke at 425-268-5589 or

Clinic fee $300, $100 deposit required.

Haul in fee $25.

Stabling $50

Auditing $10 per day

Look for Gerry Cox at, and Gerry Cox Horse or gcoxalaska on

“The goal at Mountain House Stables is to learn how to be clean, clear, concise, consistent and committed in ALL communication, cues and corrections while teaching your horse to be ultra-responsive to your lightest and quietest cues.”  -Gerry Cox, Owner/Trainer/Manure Scooper

This fun and rewarding clinic includes both in hand and under saddle work, maneuvering through various obstacles to create a safer, happier partnership with you and your horse.  Although Gerry is a western rider with many Calf Roping, Team Roping, Bronc Riding, Endurance and Trail Championships to his name, these techniques are beneficial for all horse people and horses.  I find the techniques helpful for spooky dressage horses and fresh youngsters or retired horses that forget their manners.  All horses need to be obedient, relaxed and easy to manage for any handler.  I’m using these techniques to help my older, confident show horse relax and enjoy trail riding.