"This is a the simplest as well as the most difficult testimonial for me to write, as there is so much to give high praise for the quality of care that Karen Moore offers for the horses at Pacific Moon Equestrian Center.  The signage at each stall has the horse's name and needs but is underlined with "Owned and loved by..."  Over the past 20 plus years we can testify to the excellent care that Karen and her staff have consistently provided.  I call it Horse Heaven!" ~ Annette Bellamy

"I moved to Seattle from Arkansas and was looking for a stable with lots of pasture, that was reasonably priced and also close to Seattle.  Most importantly, I was looking for a trainer that I not only connected with, but also could help me bring along my youngster (pretty much trying to find a unicorn).  I toured at least 10 barns in the area and none were exactly what I was looking for - until I came across Pacific Moon Equestrian Center.  The facilities are fantastic, there is daily turnout with or without other horses, Karen lives on site and is so knowledgeable.  I know that whether or not I can make it out to the barn, my horse is getting top notch care.  It has been such an excellent experience working with Karen. She has not only made my horse better, but also turned me into a more skillful horse person.  There is no other place I would rather have my horse." ~ Lauren Collins

"I have had the pleasure of attending clinics held at the beautiful Pacific Moon for many years. I still remember arriving for my first clinic.... large organized trailer parking/unloading area. Beautiful green grass hay and fresh water buckets were ready and waiting. My stalls were knee deep and banked with shavings. My horses and I have never felt so welcomed! My lessons were in held in the well vented and lighted indoor arena which was groomed perfectly. My husband was well taken care of ...sitting in the arena viewing room, well supplied with coffee and snacks. After my lessons, my horses and I enjoyed a trail ride around the immaculate facility. Pacific Moon is one of my favorite facilities. Karen really goes the extra mile in every way." ~ Cherie Vetsch

"Pacific Moon has been a Godsend to my horses and I for a variety of needs. I have retired, pasture rested, and rehabbed my horses at Pacific Moon over the past 10 years. Karen and her staff, have done a fantastic job making sure my horses are well cared for, secure, happy, and get everything they need, no matter what. Pacific Moon is one of the few places I've found where the owner/manager does not take any short cuts, and executes everything to my, or my vet's specifications.  They do EXACTLY what they say they are going to do. Besides having great management, Pacific Moon is one of the few remaining large (51+ acres) private horse farms left within an hour from Seattle. It is one of the safest, driest, best-maintained and managed, "horse friendly" facilities left, whether you board in box stalls with all day turn-out, or choose pasture board with huge, dry loafing sheds. I cannot recommend Pacific Moon more highly, & will continue to enjoy their services for years to come." ~ Bobbie Harder